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MBP and ext HD: where should I store samples/instru/audio?

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I'm migrating to a MBP setup with an external FW HD. Where should I keep my storage intensive stuff (Addictive Drums, Mellotron, etc). Obviously, it makes practical sense for r them to live on the external, but I was unsure whether there was any conflict between sample data and the recording audio files to be traveling through the same data path.


So, what typically lives on the system drive and what lives on the external for good performance (samples, virtual instruments, effects, audio)?




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Are you streaming those samples in real time? Or loading them in RAM. If you're loading them in RAM it doesn't matter where they are stored. If you stream them, then either way you're fighting for bandwidth: on the internal with OS X's use of the drive for virtual memory, on the external with audio files the project may be streaming.


I would start by leaving them where they are and see if that's a problem.

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