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Exporting as MIDI problems


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My familiarity is with DP, and I use VSL Opus in DP to record my strings, then import the audio into Logic...mainly because I haven't figured out the workaround....regardless, my question is:


- In Logic, I export Selection as MIDI file by selecting the midi region in Logic

- I then drag that file from my desktop into a DP Midi track in the Tracks Window

- In most cases, in DP, it only copies the first 10 notes maybe, sometimes only the first note


--Q-- How can I get it to copy ALL of the MIDI data from Logic so that it works in DP and shows ALL the notes??????

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Could be a bug in either Logic or DP.


Try a test with the simplest possible Logic song and MIDI notes (no controllers etc), and importing that in a fresh empty DP project.


If that works, increase the complexity of the MIDI you're trying to export until it fails.


And/or try exporting as MIDI file format 0 instead (the Logic default is file format 1).


The manual p.634 says you can select a preference somewhere for file format 0 -- though I can't find it myself at the moment...

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