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beat mapping from middle of song messes up tempo track


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I tried to beat map the end of a song (as most of the song was recorded with a click).


As soon as I set any beats with beat mapping, logic erases the whole tempo track in the song and sets it to a beat mapped caluculated tempo.


how can I tell logic that beat mapping should not touch my tempo track till position x in the song. I just want to map a specific part and beat mapping should just influence the tempo in that part. how??




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The trick is to 'pin' the tempo just before point 'x' with a tempo 'change' in the global tempo track (set to the same (correct) tempo.


Beat mapping will then adjust the tempo at the 'pinned' tempo event.


It's far from being that simple. In fact you can't just start using beat mapping in a project that already has tempo changes that were not created using beat mapping. You need to use beat mapping for the entire project.

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There are definitely workarounds for this, but I'd need to know one very important thing first: is this with Logic 7 or Logic 8?


[EDIT] in fact, please add your system info to your profile so that we can see exactly what mac you're running, OS, version of Logic, etc. See posting guidelines at the top of this forum. Adding this info is very important, especially for subjects like this. Beat mapping between L8 and L7 is different.

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Thanks for answers so far.


it's logic 8.


One way I could think about is, is that i beat map that the part that is not according to the click in a new project and then manually transfer the tempo track.

(by the way is there any way to copy a tempo map from one project to another, (without the use of templates )).


But it seems a very stange behaviour to put into logic 8. Is it so uncommon to record to a click, but then to have a part here and there were musican want change the tempo according to their feeling, especially if this are nonlinear slowdowns and speedups ,or a mixture of both.


I thought it would be not that hard to implement, that beat mapping starts at a certian point and stop at a certain point.







ps: just edited my sig but it's missing in this post: Logic 8.02, osX10.5.5 (MBP,2.4 2gb - iMac 2.16 2gb), Ap. Duet, Alesis IO26,

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