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Score Editor: Triplet brackets

Music Spirit

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Greetings fellow Score Editor anoraks...


it seems impossible to move or size the bracket which indicates a triplet (with a little 3) over 3:2 quarter notes.


Does anyone have any suggestions having had a look at the picture at the bottom...


My main issue is with the proximity of the triplet brackets from the notes ( ie too far especially in the second bar) and also trying to fit in the phrasing markings




m s


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hi mate.


what you want to do here is adjust the stem length rather than move the brackets. in any case simply changing the direction of the stems will solve most of your problems, and if you find that it is occuring a lot then you probably need more space between your two staves,

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If memory serves, Hamlet characterized the creator of Logic's score editor, himself a failed copyist (with a mean streak and a short quill to boot), thus: "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder."


... sKi - I am certain - absolutely sure - that a good soul such as you intends not the slightest slander on burgher Johannes Prischl who like King Lear, has given away his kingdom in good faith to his daughters Goneral and Regan, now employed by Apple as product directors of Logic Pro. It is they who have abused their inheritance and allowed weeds of neglect to flourish in that part of the program that us old shakespearians cherish.


However, I have hopes that any day now we will find Cordelia's email address - she is our only hope for Score Editor salvation. She must have influence at the court still.. no?

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I was unable to find any suitable retort (or email address for Cordelia) based on the works or words of the Bard himself. However, I found the following verse in an dusty old volume of Schwartzspeare who I understand was a distant cousin, thrice removed and whatnot...




Johannes Prischl's name be not impugned!

Interpreter of that which you endure

Whilst wresting rests and staffing of your staves

With trusted neumes and triplets of your ardor


Surely my intent was not to wound

Or slander men of goodly works of score!

But should we wish for Logic to behave,

Its programmers should try a little harder...



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