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String instruments..

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and newish to producing!

I want to take my house tracks into more epic / cinematic territory, and want to start working more with strings.

Can anyone suggest any decent VSTs that would fit the bill ?

Also, drum software. I'm tending to sample my kicks at the moment, but want to create more complex drum programs - any suggestions on this ?


Cheers guys !

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It's not just about having strings. "Big and cinematic" doesn't just come from a plug -- it's knowing what to play. You can take the best string samples and make them sound like cheeze if you play the wrong voicings, play too many notes, etc.


Also, Logic doesn't run VST's, only AU.


As far as string libraries are concerned, the best bang-for-buck is Kirk Hunter's Emerald Collection:



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For house music, "real" sounding strings might not be the best sound to layer with electronic sounds. I would consider using synths? Or if you really want that "real string" sound, then still don't get the dry libraries that would require a huge amount of work as Ski pointed out to make sound lush, thick and "cinematic".


When I work with modern music production, I found that the MOTU Symphonic collection works quite well. I own several more expensive, more realistic libraries, but that one is great for a quickly dialed thick and warm string sound.

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Cool thanks. I've been looking at the Absynth 4 also which seems to tick most of the boxes. How do they compare ?


Well Absynth is a synth, MOTU Symphonic is a sample library. They're two entirely different animals. Only a sample library is going to give you a realistic string sound, but only a synth can give you really electronic sounds. Absynth is a great synth.

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the best bang-for-buck is Kirk Hunter's Emerald Collection:


I hate to be disagreeable when we really agree. The best bang for the buck is Kirk's Ruby Orchestra. The solo Romantic Violin alone is worth the extra cost and there is so much more in Ruby.


On the other hand, if all you need are a few good sounding strings at a bargain price, I'd look into the M-Audio Orchestra Strings which are culled from the Sonivox Orchestra collection.

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