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Mac Pro Texas Instruments FW card (PCI Express)

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Hi folks,

I recently upgraded my machine to a 2.8 Mac Pro.

All is well on the Mac side... using either my MOTU 828 (mk1) or Focusrite Saffire.


However, I'm bootcamping XP so I can port my old Sonar projects to midi/audio for importing into Logic Pro.


On the Windows side, I get incredibly poor performance from these interfaces, despite the TI chipset on the Mac Pro's FW ports.


I've gone through the tweaks and performance settings, disabled blue tooth, wireless, etc... and applied the 885222 "hotfix" for FW from Microsoft. To no avail... the performance still sucks... clicks, pops, dropouts @ anything below 512 buffer settings. Even at 1024, it's barely usable. At 256, ALL 8 cores are at around 50% for a 7 track projects, and even freezing 100% of the tracks didn't help.


So, I'm looking for a TI FW card as my last try on fixing the issue. Crossing fingers that it will do anything, but I'll eventually use the extra FW ports, so I don't mind the minor investment.


Any experience with this would be great. Brand recommendations, etc.

It would be nice to achieve "normal" performance while porting everything over, and then I'll be Windows-free.



- zevo

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