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Advice on mixing

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I just finished mixing an original song of mine in Logic 8 and then had it sent out to be mastered. When I got the master back it sounded really good but not quite as good as what you might hear on the radio. I got a second opinion of the mastered version from a guy at a different mastering house. He thought the master sounded good as well, but felt that there were problems in the mix that needed to be addressed. I learned from him that the song should leave your hands such that it already sounds like something you would hear on the radio--and that mastering only enhances the details, it will not compensate for a song that is not mixed properly.


I am not a professional mix engineer. I've only worked with 4- and 8-track analog. This is my first shot at mixing a song in Logic. My question is this: would it be better for me to hire a pro mix engineer to do the mixing? I am working on an album and want it to sound the best it can be. At this point I don't have the skills to mix properly and need help. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



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One thing I'm going to say is this: Mixing is hard, true. But mixing your own tune is even harder. I think that's more the issue. Taking a song that you wrote through the recording phase and then all the way through mixing/production is a real challenge. You hear it a certain way, you have a certain idea for the song, you have your limits - we all do. A fresh set of ears to mix your song is more valuable in five minutes than 5 hours of your own time might be. Maybe.


The mix/production can make or break a tune. It can be simple or bold etc. etc. etc. It's tough to hear the potential when you've been living with an original song from its inception. Someone else can put a fresh artistic spin with the mix that takes it to the next level. True that some really talented people seem to be able to do most of the work entirely themselves but I think in most cases it's best to say, if you don't have someone else mix your tune, at least mix it WITH someone else. In the past I've traded mix for mix or personal songs with colleagues. That often works nice.

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Thanks 8E8s. I appreciate the advice. I have talked with several mix engineers over the past few days and it seems that, considering my limited experience with mixing, it would be best for me to hire a pro mix engineer to mix my songs. There does come a time when you simply become too close to the song after hearing it over and over again to remain objective. I think I'll stick to recording and let the pros handle the mixing and mastering. Thanks again!


Frankie 8)

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