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Keyboard/Laptop combo stands for live play

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hey guys. i've had some trouble looking for the right keyboard/laptop stack to play with on stage.


the ones i've seen aren't platform stacks (to hold a laptop), they're simply the standard keyboard/synthesizer stacks. is there any stand out there (or stack) that can have a synthesizer and then the laptop on the stack under it (preferably platforms so that the laptop wont' fall through)?


thanks! and if there aren't any under $200, then i guess we'll just have to rest the laptop on the amp :) thanks!

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you can get clip-on laptop stands that mount on DJ gear roadcases, so you could probably get one to clip onto a keyboard stand quite nicely


or if you've got one keyboard and one laptop, get a two tier stand and have a sheet of metal or something in the top tier (put some rubber on the top so the laptop won't slide)

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hey prjkt that is awesome! it's just a clip on huh?


i was looking at that and i'm strongly considering buying one, but now i'm having trouble finding a keyboard stack that would work well with that.



was checking that out but i dont' see where the laptop could stack :\

a lot of the stacks look more built for keyboards rather than midi controllers (we use an axiom 25) so it's more synthesizer sized. what do you use exactly?

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