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nanoKontrol with Logic

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I picked up one of these last night at my local GC store.




I have the one with all the knobs and sliders.



For around $50 (us), this little gem is perfect for laptop users who want portability without much hassle.


It's not too bad as an in the studio controller.


As with most of the lower end (priced) controllers, some programming or 'Learning' is needed to suit your needs.


How long will it hold out? Don't know, I will let you know when it starts to flake.

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ive been looking at the nanoKontrol for a while now. thought it would be really cool.



it puts me off though that its usb only, if it had normal midi out and a different means of powering it id get one without thought, it would be great for my mopho. however, i know that's not what they were designed for... but i may get one anyway.



let us know how it holds out.

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I bought them all.


I racked up 4 nanopads and are currently using them racked up as a monome-clone with max/msp, it works and i'm going to start selling them with bundled software.


I like the nanocontrol alot as a live effect controller, it's nice.


The keyboard was the one i expected to like the most since i actually enjoy using the regular keyboard but no, it's pretty bad.

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