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can i set note on = mute and note off = unmute?


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i'm trying to set buttons on my midi controller to mute / unmute channel strips.


i have to press each button twice because logic looks for both note on and note off before it will unmute or mute.


is there a way to set note on to mute and note off to unmute?



matthew horton

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hi david,


i have checked out you template. very cool. i've got lots of ideas springing into my head.


but ..


i have a midi controller called an LA Audio - Midi Mute. it has 32 numbered buttons on the front. when i press a button it lights up and sends note-on to logic. when i press the button again the light switches off and sends note off to logic.


i want to use each button to mute the corresponding track in logic and for the lights on the hardware to display the correct mute status.


do i have to do this in environment?



matthew horton

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