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Quantizing MIDI not recorded to click


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hi guys,


i have some improv recordings in which all of the audio and midi was recorded in free time without a click track...basically just treating logic like a tape machine and just letting it roll.


now i would like to mess around with these pieces and i want the data to line up to logic's tempo grid. i went through and determined the tempo and lined the grid up to the audio.


i'm having a difficult time getting the midi to behave correctly though, because it stretches and changes tempo with the grid.


how can i get the midi to stay in sync with the audio in which i've aligned the grid to?


or to put it another way, how can i get the midi to stay locked in "time" but not to the beat grid?


if there is another way to handle this, i'm all ears. thanks!

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Create a new track and record what would be the correct time for your improvisation like you're a human metronome.


Then select the region that you just created and go to Global tracks select "Beat Mapping" and click on protect Midi and then "Beats From Region" and voila your improvisation will be on grid.


Make sure you backup your song in case of anything goes wrong.

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