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Hi, i just tried to install logic pro on my macbook pro, but there was an error and it said that installation had failed at the end of the logic pro disk. I reinstalled it and everything was fine until i ran into another problem on the audio content disk, but i was wondering if it is possible that i installed the files from the first disk twice, as i think it used up unneccessary harddrive space. if so, what can i do about this?



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Normally the installer leaves a receipt so it won't install the same thing twice. You could actually browse through the Finder to look for duplicates. You can find the locations where Logic Studio files are here.


What kind of error, do you remember the text of the alert you got?


Is Logic Studio otherwise running fine? Do you see any duplicates in the Loops Browser? Or in the settings menus?

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yeah, the first error had a -32 in it...


sorry im new to macs, just made the switch. so im still getting the hang of it. all i know, is that i watched my HD space reduce whilst logic pro was being installed, when id already installed it the first time round, only to receice a "failed" messag at the end. im not sure how to use the info u gave me to check...


it seems that logic is working however. i opened it and everything came up, but i havent tried to use it yet, as im still installing the jampacks.

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