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The External Instrument Plugin use


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I use the Ext Inst. plugin to route some analog effects (Echoplex, Verb) into the mix engine. I also use it to route a few hardware synths, this is what got me wondering.


Because instantiating the software Inst. object, then putting the ext inst. plugin on it and finally routing both the midi and audio in the plugin. Is really a few more steps than simply.


Creating an audio object sent to Mains and set the Inputs where the synth comes into the audio card....hmmm.


So,... finally a question,...

what purpose does the ext inst plugin serve?


If memory serves me,. it doesn't correct latency,..

I could process an audio object streaming audio the same as an Inst Object,..



what am I missing?


thanks,.. sorry for the loooong winded question.




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If you are saying what I think you are saying, then I think the purpose is to record the MIDI that will control your external Instrument.


So you would still have the MIDI part and if you wanted to change the sound of your ext. synth, you could without playing the part all over again.


If you recorded the Ext. Synth audio straight in, then you're stuck with what you recorded.

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BZZZzzzzt !


I'm wrong,.. I use the I/O plugin for my ext effects.


The Ext. Inst. plugin makes no sense still


Shiver,. the midi is still recorded on ext midi tracks,.so switching sounds is not an issue.


As I see the EXt Inst. Plugin is just a pipeline on a Software Inst. track that routes the synths audio input AND the midi from the synths Multi.




It's still easier to just create an aux or audio object setting the input to the audio card synth input,..




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From a new blank project, it seems to be the only way to create the proper MIDI and audio routing for an external instrument without going into the Environment.


If you create a new External MIDI track in a new project, it defaults to that stupid GM Device that's not connected to anything. There's no easy, intuitive way to choose a different MIDI device from there. I think the External Instrument plugin is to make that process (much) easier.

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Hi Matt,


Yeah,.. that "General Midi" device is a PITA,..who uses general midi anyway?


But,. from an empty project you would have no midi destination to choose from in the EXT Instrument,.. so you still need to create or import your Hardware Synths Multi in the environment for it to become available to the ext instrument plug.


Thus piping through the instrument track.


Not really seeing the light, or advantage. ?

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Hi Fred,


There are a few ways to use Mulits in Logic. My favorite is to have one Mulit VI on a software inst track. And then a bunch, or however many I need ext midi tracks all on different channels of course pointed to that

(Multi, which is set to "ALL")


Now, you're suggestion has me thinking that I would create lets say 16 software Inst tracks, one for each channel of my Fantom,.hmmm,

Even if the synth is only using 2 inputs on my sound card.

You've given me something to think about, not sure if it results in more work.

I think it does?

Thanks for the input.





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There are at least 2 problems with the External Instrument plugin...


A) No way to send Program change messages to the synth without embedding the PG message in a region somewhere.


B) With multi-timbral external synths which have only a stereo pair of audio outs (or maybe a few pairs), the audio for each multi part returns up all channel strips.



Much better to use the old school multi-instrument object to send MIDI out to the synth (PG messages etc), and then use an AUX or two ( or audio channels with input monitoring enabled) as the audio return.



Note you must use realtime bounce!






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You are correct, which I forgot mention.

Even though you have separate midi channels all the audio travels into the same strip and. When using a plain old EXT Midi track, you can use PRGM changes.



which is why I was scratching my head and wondering in the first place.



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