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Changing Output?


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You need to go into your "system preferences > Sound" and "Create aggregate device" Just select your Mac's outputs, as well as your F Control. Your Mac will essentially bundle them together to create a new sound device called "Aggregate device" Select that as your sound device in logic then assign the outputs to your mac.


Good luck.



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I don't have the option to do this, but if you mean just selcting the desired options by clicking my device for input and my main output for output, this works great for everything but Logic. When my device is connected, it only plays audio through it, and not my computers line out. Strange, it was easy to alter this in Garageband, it was just under audio settings.
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Ok, set up my device as my line out for output and my device as input, but I'm confused about what "clock" and the "in" and "out" numbers mean, because it still isn't working properly.


EDIT: Once again, sorry. I fixed it. I figured it out, took a bit of tinkering. Thanks for the help, wouldn't have done it without you. Problem solved.

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