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How do i create retro video game sounds?

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This is right up my alley.


If you got a pc, there's shitloads of great sounding plug-ins that can take care of this. It's too bad none of these are availibe for mac. I'm sure someone below me is going to tip about the es-1 presets availibe in the preset area of this forum and sure, those are ok but they're obviously way to clean. However, the closest you can get with Logic bundled stuff is a pure square with some pulse width tweaking (leads), triangle (bass) or noise (percussion) oscillator on the es1/es2 with Bitcrusher, Scanner Vibrato and a static Autofilter (turn off the lfo) on top. That can definently get you 99% close to the video you linked. You can also use ultrabeat with the same effects to make drums which can sound pretty good if you pitch them a good few semitones up or down.

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http://podcast.robotcousin.com (episode 2).


Everything you need is available in Logic, which I assume you have, since you're posting here.






I'm making an entire album of this stuff, and will post it when it's finished. I just scored a short film (that was about old-school videogames) in this style. It was great fun!

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For sid sounds there's always refx quadrasid, and it's even intel.


It's a mess to program but once you get it it's really good and it's not like a sidstation is easier with its numeric keypad.

Yup, just not very good for drum sounds.


There's no substitution for a real SID Chip since it has an analog filter, so a AU/VST SID instrument will always lack that certain magic.


Especially in the drums, which often rely heavily on enveloped filtering.

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