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Customised Short Buss Names

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Of course when you lable an Aux or an Input in the Mixer long names are Automatically adopted in an intelligent user-friendly way.


But the same is not true for short Buss names, the kind that you see labeling Sends.


It would be good if you can account for these names as well, perhaps by entering it on one Send, and all sends assigned to the same Buss will refresh with the new name accordingly. Or when changing the name of the Channel Strip perhaps a Command+Double Click would allow the user to enter in a short name.

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we already have that option, . . . .

Options - > Audio -> I/O Labels...

Indeed we do. But for some reason that I can't fathom, those bus names are saved as general preferences and not in the project prefs. While that's OK for hardware channel names, I'd love to see the bus names be unique to each project.

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I agree I have customised my I/O labels before like this... but they are global labels.


And in keeping with Logic's new flexible Bus routing and creation the names need to be as adaptive.


If I were to create labels for every kind of Bus I use I run out of Busses!!


Yep, I have over 64 uses/names for a buss, depending on the project I'm working on.... I don't use all 64 at once, but I have a diverse need within my projects that covering all options is impossible.


So while it helps somewhat, it is still quite limiting as Fader8 agrees.


If they can adaptively name the Busses Long names, I don't see why they can't do short names.


Incidentally, the adaptive naming doesn't always appear in the drop down menu... and sometimes it can be a bit of a mystery what you have assigned to what Buss. This is most notable if you have pre set up some Busses for for Effects or Submixes in Templates. Assigning a Send or a Sidechain can prove to be very mystifying.


Not very intuitive.

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