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Why do my tracks have to be on SOLO to be heard?


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Command clicking changes all mute and solo buttons-but some turn grey and continue to flash-Plus i managed to delete all but one track-all the tracks are in the mixer-is there a way to get tracks back into arrange from the mixer?

To answer my own question-yes create a new track for each channel strip-no?

I can see there's music being sent on a software instr. track because the track header's mini level is jumping but the corresponding channel strip shows no connection to the track and duh-no sound-I have got it right that the track number doesn't have to be the same as the instr, number-right? And in Logic Express 8 we must open the environment to choose the insrt, number, or is there another way?

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That way works on the Audio and Instrument channels, Not on the Aux channels.

Look at your MIXER screen with the tab set to ALL. Everything should show up there.


involver's method should work for you.


To get all the tracks back, select them in the mixer window and drop down the OPT menu and add to the Arrange window.



I am having a hard time following you at this point. It may be best if you open a new project and follow the 'Getting Started With Logic" manual (If you have that in Express).

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