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My audio drive is allmost full ...

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My 500GB Lacie D2Quadra FW800 drive is allmost full (85%). I have a backup of all the data on my Maxtor 1TB "Time Machine" USB2 drive. How do you backup your work? Do you burn a "few" 100 dvd's :shock: or are there better and safer options to keep my hard work in a safe place? My FW ports are all in use. I still have a USB2 port. I don't use my ethernet port (except when using Logic Nodes) but maybe there is a good solution in that direction?


I want to be sure to have a rock solid backup before I format my audio drive.


Any experience is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!





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Hello Triplets,


Thanks for your quick reply. My initial post maybe wasn't clear but I allready use Time Machine on my 1TB USB2 Maxtor Drive. So all the data is allready backed up to that drive. The problem is that my Audio Drive is now allmost full so I will have to format or at least erase a part of it. Is it safe enough to keep the data on my "Time Machine" drive? I read somewhere that Time Machine will erase data when the Time Machine drive gets full ? That would be a big risk for my data! I thought it was allways better to have data backed up on two different drives?



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