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Converting Stereo Panning to LCR with discrete Center - how?


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Well.. it's all in the headline. I did the pre-mixing of a movie-project in Logic... all stereo, with stereo-panning automation.


Now, the studio i'm gonna work with, needs my submixes in LCR-format - with a discrete center.


First, i tried sending my stereo-tracks directly to a surround-bus... result: The stereo-panning (and automation) on this tracks were ignored


Then, i tried sending them to a stereo-summing-bus first, and this bus into a surround-bus: panning worked fine, but i had no _discrete_ center... i always had signals on L and R, even, if the signal was completely centered

It was somehting like stereo + center.


And finally, when changing the diversity (see picture) to zero, i ended up with stereo again...


Is there any way to convert my stereo projekt to LCR? Any hints? I need this center! It looked so simple, at first... aaarh


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What do you hope to send to your C channel?

In movies it's usually only the dialog.

Some people also put a lower level of the dialog in the L and R channels, others only put the dialog in the C channel.


So, if your mixing dialog and FX and stuff, you need to rethink you're routing a bit. Simply trying to add a bit of L and R to the center isn't really doing it.


If it's music only you're doing, I've read stuff by mixers of 5.1 for TV, who for the music put nothing in the C speaker during the songs, and also don't use the Lfe.

Their reason is that a lot of people's home set-ups for 5.1 aren't ideal, and the end user can (and does!) mess about with the level of the center channel and the Lfe. The mixers decided not to use the center channel (and Lfe) so their mixes would retain most of their integrity. The interviews and announcements they do put in the C channel.


The above may be of no use to you! But, I thought I''d put my 2p in!

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I've haven't worked with surround, so I don't know if this is exactly what you are after, but this technique will separate a stereo source into left, centre and right:


1. Set the output of you channel strip to a spare buss.

2. On the newly created Aux, insert a Dir Mixer plugin.

3. Set it so that Spread = 2.0. This removes the centre, leaving just the left and right.

4. Create two new Aux channels and set their input to the same buss selected in step 1.

5. On one of these Aux channels only, insert a Dir Mixer and a Gain plug-in.

6. Set the Dir Mixer so that Spread = 2.0, and on the Gain, depress the left and right Phase Invert buttons.

7. Set the output of both Aux channels to a spare buss.


Now the Aux in step 2 contains L and R only and the Aux in step 7 contains the centre only.


If you want independent control of left and right, create another Aux identical to that in step 2 and pan one hard left and the other hard right.



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