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Cher Effect


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How do I get the "Cher" vocal effect? I know people usse autotune or Logic's Pitch Correction but I only able to get a few note with the effect. How do I get the whole phrase the have the effect?. Not just a few note.


What am I missing?


Thank you in advance.

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In Autotune, turn off vibrato (mistake most people make is leaving this on)


Set Retune speed to between 1 and 6.


Set Tracking to "Relaxed" (Fully anti-clockwise)


Start with the actual key of the song selected, then play with the "remove" buttons until your phrase is pitching how you want it.


You can get an accentuated (but often not as pleasant) "Cher" effect by choosing a complementary key: If your singer is in F, choose C, for example.

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If you have a decent vocalist, you can also try this:


Get her/him to sing just one note of the phrase offkey.

Then set Autotune to bypass all the notes in chromatic scale except

one and leave the one remaining note unchecked in the "remove".


Set retune speed to around 20


Then, on the last line of the phrase you will get a glide up (or down) to

the desired note as Autotune fixes the intonation.


This is how IIO did the opening verse line in "Rapture" and how we did

"Vision", here.



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