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midi problem..


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i want to use numerology to control more than one softsynth in logic, which should work fine... after i found out how to get logic routing differnet midi channels to different tracks, which works fine, i have one problem left ;


recording is armed on each track ...butu i just can hear the whitemarked track which is active by clicking on it..even if i see that the channels are receiving mididata , its just audible by clicking the track

its a bad thing as i want to listen to more than one track controlled by numerology


does anybody know the answer ?


regards carsten

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When using Logic's multiplayer feature make sure that Numerology sends on different MIDI channels corresponding to your track MIDI channels. I've once played with the demo version of Numerology and found the MIDI channel assignments rather tricky. It seems to be designed primarily for sending on multiple ports instead of channels.


Btw, I think a more descriptive thread title would probably help to get answers from experienced Numerology users.

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