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Novation Remote compatibility (not SL!)

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So I've had my Novation Remote for some time, and switched to Mac's a while ago. It sat idle, until I bought Logic recently. The software is great, but all I can manage to get the Remote 61 to do is play notes - I can't seem to work out how to map the knobs and sliders to affect whatever values I want them to affect.


The Automap Universal doesn't say it works with the Remote series, which makes me suspect that it doesn't, and only works with the more recent SL series of Remotes.


Anyone have any insights here? I really hope I haven't got a very expensive and large doorstop on my hands.

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Novation have an answerbase in the Support section of their website that has a lot of articles on each of their products, as well as User Guides, Template Editors, software updates (for registered users). There is some useful information there.


Automap does not work with your Remote. Hence, it can only send MIDI messages 'to' Logic, It cannot receive them 'from' Logic, as the Automap supported devices do.


There is a Tip in the 'Tips and Tricks' section of this website about setting up Controller Assignments that might help you.

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