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total newbie


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Hi all

i have just bought a macbook and Logic express 8 had it for a few weeks now still learning a lot

i'm coming over from live and cubase and am finding logic very intimidating. i guess its just gonna take some time to get to grips with it all

i would appreciate any tips or tutorials you guys can give


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Hi Man there are 2 sets of tutorials i can Highly recommend.. .and i was aTOTAL Newbie (still am to be honest) but getting there. slowly.. and these Tutorials are VERY GOOD .



1) on youtube there is a guy called SFLogicNinja (or David Earl...i don't care...<-bad joke you'll get it soon enough). His tutorials are very good, and they might be enough to get you going with your experience.



2) MacProVideo.com ... I've bought tutorials from here (Logic 8 101 pack and the steve H stuff) I haven't got a huge budget, and researched a bit before i bought them.... and for $50 i can't imagine getting more straight to the point, simple to understand info. (there are sample vidoes on the site. check em out)



Well there's my tuppance of Newbie advice :)




Ket :)

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That book is great! I highly recommend it as well. :lol:


I thought you might.


I was visiting the Apple store in NYC last week. Your book was way way way up out of reach. I had an employee bring a copy down, and I left it insight, covering up an iLife tutorial. :)

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