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Making synth "yeae" sound??

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Hey there, I'm using Logic 8 on an intel mac, and i'm wondering if someone can enlighten me as to how to make a specific kind of synth sound.


an example of the sound is in this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4dItUYBqKI


it sounds as though the synth is making a sort of vocal "yea" sound/or word almost. i've heard this effect before on guitar pedals and that sort of thing.


does anyone know how to achieve this sound??




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really eh?? i had a feeling it was downsampling or something, although i figured people had moved past that into using some synthesis technique or something.


kool, thanks


although im sure theres always more than one way. anyone else got suggestions??

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anyone got a good technique for format processing??




Look into the EVOC, a vocoder that comes packed with Logic.


Your mouth can synthesize vocal formants, and you can filter those through the Evoc with MIDI pitches. And seeing as the words are coming out of your own mouth, your vocabulary can be way more expressive than just "yeae".


Good luck.

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thanks! that sounds like a good way to do it too.


i actually got the exact sound i was looking for by creating a generic sort of "wobble" sound in the es2 and then running it though the bitcrusher. sounds pretty decent.


i like the idea of using my own voice too tho, ill give it a shot.

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