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Any advice for someone about to take the logic101 course?


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Its been a while now since i first bought logic, I have done a course in logic in the past but now I think I am ready for the 101 hopefully. I've been studying davids book a lot and reading loads and loads on here and other forums also. But to be honest I'm still a little nervous. The reason I want to complete the logic 101 course is because i wish to attend college next september and it would give me a great advantage. So how difficult is the exam at the end and do you guys have any advice for me. I got the impression from the lady I was talking to about the course that people attend the course with little or no prior knowledge of the program. Is this right???

Thank you very much.


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The Logic 101 course will take you through the 101 book, in preparation for the exam. The course may also add some extra info.

Some prior knowledge certainly helps!



The exam itself is based on the book.... if it's in the book, it could be in the exam (or... if it's not in the book, it won't be in the exam!).


If you've already worked through the book yourself, you should be in reasonable shape!






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The "Lady" is right: some people attending a Logic 101 course have little or no prior knowledge of producing music with a computer. Most have some notion, ie they've used other tools to produce or engineer music.


But if you've read the book twice before attending the course, you should be one step ahead. What I would suggest is to make sure you take plenty of notes, write down everything and anything that is not 100% clear, and ask in class.


What we do offer to all our students is the option to not take their test right away after a workshop, but come back later whenever they're ready. I found that a lot of people like to spend some time actually working with the app before they take the test.


Whichever way you choose, best of luck to you!!

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Thanks every one. Cheers David. I couldn't imagine anyone taking the course without prior knowedge. This puts my mind more at ease though. I have done a course in logic in the past, an eight week evening course. Fairly basic but very good none the less. I'd love to take the exam a little after the course but unfortunately i dont think they provide this in soho editors in dublin. Thanks for all the advice guys. very helpfull indeed.
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