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Solo button works only sometimes


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I have an external sequencer setup as a multi. It works perfectly. I have audio tracks and software instruments in my song. WHile in the arrange page, if I press the s for solo (on the track), sometimes I can't solo a single instrument.


Sometimes it works 5 different instruments and I solo onw of them, all of ther others go mute and I'm able to hear the single instrument. This usually seems ti be only when there are only midi tracks in the song. Alternately if there are only core audio tracks (software synths or audio tracks_ I can solo a single track and hear only the solod track. This all seems peculiar to the arrange page and happens regardless of wether I press both the solo button in the inspector panel or press the solo button in the arrange page track listing.


There are two ways soloing works as expected. If I press S while I have a particular region highlighted OR If I'm in the mix view, the solo button works as expected on any kind of track. Why ?


Oh and by the way, randomly the solo button(inspector and arrange) works.


What am I missing ? Thanks in advance.

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region solo works properly but


if i solo track1(midi cha1) on my sound module i can still hear audio tracks and the other snd mod's midi tracks. if i try to solo the piano, i still hear bass and drums from the module+voices and soft synths. i only want piano. do i have use region solo? what if i want to solo piano and lead vox only.

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