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Perhaps one of the easiest(dumb*ss) questions of all time...

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when installing a virtual instrument (i.e. NI FM8) on Mac os x, on your local HD, where does the installer put the samples, sounds....?


For some strange reason Fm8 runs very slow compared to let say Absynth for example.

And i have been toying with the idea of moving its vast soundlibrary on to the external HD.

Even if that is not the best idea, i woudl jsut liek to know, where are the samples store usually. I have checked, scanned, manually scrolled everywhere...


Stylus RMX libraries on the other hand were not hard to find....


THanks a lot

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i was not so much referring to the samples of the Fm8, but the location of Sample libraries in general. Where does OS x place it usually? So i could know instanltly, whether its NI instrumentor somethign else...


Especially if you then (after install) want to move it to an external HD...


maybe just me stupid...




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