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Buy a single or double 2.8GHZ Quad-Core for Logic?

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If anybody out there is using a new single or dual QUAD Mac Pro, I'd appreciate the advice:

I need to buy a new machine as my dual G4 had died (BADLY) . .

I use Logic and a lot of plug ins and soft synths . .

There is a price difference between a SINGLE or DOUBLE quad Mac Pro . .

Will I really notice the difference of a DOUBLE - is it worth the extra cash ?

Also - stupid question probably - but am I going to be amazed at the difference between MAC PRO and my G4 dual 1.25 ? - no more track freezing ?


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Hello :)


I myself use a Mac Pro with quad core (2 dual cores) and it is really nice in Logic. Things go pretty fast, and my Mac Pro is the original version, so there are some things about mine that would be slower than yours.


I'm sure that the difference between the G4 and the Pro will be very clear to you. As for the track freezing, I've never experienced that, but just to be safe I would suggest you throw in some more RAM. Don't buy any extra RAM from Apple, they charge way too much for it. I like to use www.crucial.com for mine.

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I don't push it too hard, but say with 8 tracks playing with plugins inserted, aux sends, etc going on, there is barely a blip on the CPU meter, which even though looks like one meter, is actually divided into 4 meters, one for each core. So I would imagine that if that barely uses anything, you could go pretty far with it.
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