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exs24 mapping help


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been on logic express for only a short time and i have been loading my own instruments and kits with the load multiple samples function, but have run into a brick wall with this one:


found some mellotron flute samples that are pretty nice, the problem is that there is not a full set of notes. there are the following:

C4,C5,C6,E4,E5,G4,and G5


is there a way to place those in their proper keyboard spots and then have the sampler fill in the rest? i assume that I could just use one of the notes and make a whole set that way, but it would end up sounding more sampled (what with the notes speeding up). any help would be greatly appreciated. if anyone wants the samples, let me know and i will send them to you (tried to upload them but the file size was too big).

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It's not uncommon for older sample libraries to have just a few samples and stretch them across the keyboard range.


In the EXS Instrument editor window, drag the files from either the Logic browser or from the finder onto the correct key on the EXS keyboard. From there you can grab the corner of the file in the 'zone/group pane' and extend it up to the next sample. Look for more information in the Express 8 Instruments and Effects manual - p. 312.


I found I had to do this to cover a few extra parts like 3rd Trombone or F Horns, taking the files from Peter Seidlazach's Advanced Orchestra.


Not exactly elegant but it saved buying a third orchestra for EXS to cover the parts I needed. The results are not bad if the samples don't have vibrato which will speed up with every higher note.



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