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need help cleaning up sound


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Assuming that you have Logic Studio, Soundtrack Pro is included in the suite.


You could open the files directly in STP, or send them to STP from Logic by selecting the region and going to Options:Audio:Open in Soundtrack Pro.



Once in STP, select an area that contains only the background noise and choose ‘Process:Noise Reduction:Set Noise Print’. (This takes note of the frequency signature of the noise).


Then select the whole file and choose ‘Process:Noise Reduction:Reduce Noise’. The dialog box that opens allows you to adjust the threshold and the amount of noise reduction to be applied, all whilst you audition the effect. You can choose to fine-tune the settings by listening only to the ‘noise’ part of the file.

When ready 'Apply' it.



The screenshot below shows the original noise on the left of the waveform, the selected area has had the NR applied.




You must save the file in STP as an aiff or a wav NOT a .stap audio file project for the results to be readable by Logic.






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