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Detailed Logic new feature suggestion

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Here we go, hope it will help in developing this incredible nice software!


1 The compression "Project File Backups" folder (see the other topic i posted please)


2 (probably even more important) the possibility to apply the plug-ins from within the audio editor / straight into the arrange, in "destructive way"... I mean click on an audio file and deciding to apply the denoiser without having to put the plugin in insert and having to bounce ... or without using the external audio editor... this would really improve my workflow (and I'm sure not only mine).


3 Time stretching of transient as Live does, as pro tools (eleastic time) does better as cubase does (audio Warp)... Logic has the audio quantize but isn't so intuitive and you can't really interact with the decision of where to put the transient... the more the result isn't that good often... this was amazing back in logic 4 but now in 2008 would be nice to control directly the transient!


4 Pitch correction into arrange: think of Digital Performer / Melodyne... this would be really helpful.


5 Full Screen without any OS bar!


6 option of AUTO insert of low latency mode when arming a track


7 Low latency version of high latency plugins that automatically switch from and to when using the low latency mode. (is a good idea, isn't it?)





8 I don't really like the way logic 8.0.2 manages windows especially for the floating windows... I would like to click everywhere on the plug in to bring it in front - not just the bar...


8B the cycle between windows should NOT include the floating window (as till logic 8.0.1) or at least having two different function (one including and one not including)



9 Please remove the name under the plug in window!


10 please make all the buttons (in the hideable part of the plug in window) in one row! 1024X768 is still a reality!


11 please pass the key command to logic also when I'm focused on the floating window! (as well this was ok til 8.0.1!)


12 ok you sholuld know the bug that when you hide the transport bar and bring it back after a while is frozen... please !


13 forzen on place would be nice (with possibility to edit the frozen track).


14 another nice thing would be the possibility to save a copy for archive/sending with lowest space occupied:

Logic can use the lossless audio format compression (apple lossless)

so would be nice to have an automated process that saves me in another folder the arrange with all the used audio files compressed in apple lossless.. would take much less space and would be lovely to archive!


15 package for projects! would be nice to have just one file (instead of folder) for project (as garage band does) with all the audio files inside that after i can browse when necessary...


Please pass it to apple!!!



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