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Logic8 - cursor jump automatically back to the top of list


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I've got a problem with Logic8 that I'm not sure how to describe.

When importing audio (dragging files from BIN to arr. window) the cursor/marker will jump automatically back to the top of the list. A similar thing happens when I move a track in arr. window as well. I'll move a guitar-track and the cursor/marker will jump to a drum-track for instance. However, the tracks will get imported/moved, it's just a time saving issue. This didn't happen before. It just started a little while ago.. strange, eh?


It's hard to explain, though. Anyone familiar with this problem?

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A certain track becomes selected. Always the top track, that is.

The problems started after adding a Euphonix controller, by the way. Could that possibly be a factor?


Probably. If you want to stop the behavior, take the Euphonix offline. Go to the "Workstations" tab in the Euphonix Control Settings (from the "E" in the menu bar) and un-attach (detach) the workstation temporarily.

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