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Stereo placement for a surround recording

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I'm mixing a concert, and I wonder if anyone has any advice about spatial placement of a stereo mix ~ when the microphones are pointing in four different directions.


Imagine the soloist on a platform, spot miked. There are 4 room microphones at the edge of the platform, let's consider them North, South, East, West. Surrounding the soloist is the audience, 360 degrees. Surrounding the audience are many pockets of more musicians.


A few of the instruments were close miked, but for the most part, I'm relying on these four compass pointing mics. (They do a lovely job of picking up the audience too.)


Does anyone have a suggestion for placing these four point sources into a stereo field?

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West=hard left


East=hard right



This is basically a Decca tree arrangement, I guess. Were the mics omni's? Even if not, it would still fit the loose definition of a Decca tree, which was modified by many people in many ways over time.


The south mic is just going to contribute to phase issues and mushiness.

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Thank you. This will get me going.


In different movements, the focus is in different places of the room. I'm guessing I could use your layout, but shift my centre focus between tracks, dependent on the activity in that section. I'm planning on bouncing the movements as discrete audio CD tracks, not as a continuous concert.


To be honest, I know next to nothing about what the students who recorded it did. It's a "best I can with what I've got" scenario.

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