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Realtime Automation - Response Times


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Hi All,


Im using a oxygen 61 midi keyboard and use the midi learn command to assign various parameters from soft synths to the knobs and faders on the keyboard.


However when im trying to record automation in real time using the controls on the keyboard, more often than not logic doesnt recognize that im moving the knobs / controllers, i have to move the controller loads and then logic will recognize the incoming signal but the automation will be all over the place.


Is this a fault with logic or my keyboard? I've been thinking about getting a control surface, will this fix my problem? Any recommendations on good controllers? Are the majority of people out there drawing in their automation or recording it in as they use / play their controllers?


I have a 2008 mac pro 3.0 with 10GB ram so machine should be able to handle the jandal of the incoming automation midi.

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