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Stylus RMX and Logic - reconnecting sounds


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I was running out of space on my main HD so I moved my STYLUS RMX to an external drive.


Problem is, now ALL my LOGIC songs don't "see" that I've moved the sound files for RMX> Is there a way to "teach" the computer that I've moved the files to a new place?


Like there is in Final Cut Pro -is there a way to "reconnect media" so that Logic understands and recognizes the new path??




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Make sure you do EXACTLY what the RMX manual says when moving your RMX libraries. If you dont create the alias exactly how they say (which I believe involves creating it on your desktop first before dragging it into the Spectrasonics folder) RMX will not recognize the libraries location.
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This is not a Logic problem - this is an RMX problem


RMX is looking for its SAGE folder & contents - and you have moved them.


It is any easy fix - no worries eh!

There is an answer to this very question on the Stylus RMX help pages at spectrasonics.org


But here is my long winded answer below:

RMX looks for samples (core library, expansions, user converted rex files, etc) in a SAGE folder.


This is set at: User > Library > Applications support > Spectrasonics > SAGE


The Core library is in the Sage folder: Sage > Stylus RMX > Core library

Expansions are in the Sage folder: Sage > Sage Libraries > Exp Libraries

User / Converted rex files are in the Sage folder: Sage > Sage Libraries > User Libraries


Before you moved your samples (you dont say which folder exactly) all your expansions and user files would be within this SAGE folder at the above location.


You can move the SAGE folder.

You can do this (on a mac) by manually moving the folder (say to a 2nd drive), making an alias of this Sage folder (after moving) and placing the alias (edited to SAGE) within: User > Library > Applications support > Spectrasonics


SAGE must be capitalized

SAGE alias must be in the correct folder (User > Library > Applications support > Spectrasonics)

Entire SAGE folder must be intact (all contents, all sub-folders).


Good luck

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Arafel -


Yeh I tried that. And everything seemed fine but when I try to drag/drop a region onto a Logic track - Stylus simply

doesn't let me do it.


I think I may have pulled a bonehead move by reinstalling RMX but I was out of options. I re-installed Stylus; and still nothing. Now my "User Favorites"

still don't show up... even though they're clearly saved in the SAGE

folder (I preserved them)


One question - I am looking at my "Application Support" folder and noticing that I have a SPECTRASONICS folder, with the SAGE folder in it. (with Sage Libraries and Stylus RMX) in it... and in the Application Support folder as well I see ANOTHER Sage folder with Sage Libraries and Stylus RMX.


Could RMX be confused as to which folder to look at? Should I delete one?


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Ros - Thank you for your response. Yes I followed the directions to the T, but no dice.


The Alias doesn't even respond.


I've since tried re-installing the RMX and now Logic won't even recognize RMX at all.




Has anyone out there ever tried re-installing Stylus RMX to great success??????

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