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Across The Universe


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So my brother just bought the Across The Universe DVD, saw it first time on Saturday night, and like three or four times since then...


It's a Beatles Musical... Sort of... I liked it... Actually, it's become one of my favorite flicks... Check it out if you haven't seen it. And if you have, what'd you think?



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Before I saw it, I had walked in on my brother watching during the "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" song, and yeah... It seemed a bit too crazy, but then he kept telling me about it, and telling me about it, and then I just gave in... I'm happy I did.


Excellent movie. Like nothing I have ever seen before.

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I enjoyed the movie quite a bit ~ and I would consider myself a "crazy" Beatles fan. Going in, I wanted to like it but was worried I probably wouldn't.


I can't handle the soundtrack on its own though. I think I can process the cover versions because of the characterization, but without that my body and soul cry out "Why, why, why aren't you just listening to the original?"


The videography of Strawberry Fields gave me the shivers. I cried a little.


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