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soundesigner latency


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hello all,


I've been moving projects back and forth between a Pro Tools studio and my own, which is logic based. Specifically, I've been bouncing stems, client goes in to overdub, brings it back, etc.


The problem we've run into is that I mistakenly did some bounces with LinPhase eq and/or space designer in the auxes and out 1-2. I learned quickly that bringing overdubs that were performed to the track I bounced (with the plugs) were late when they sounded slightly drunk and sloppy.


What I'm trying to figure out is this:


I'd like to keep doing this, 'cause I want SD in the mixes I or anyone else performs to in said studio; they're more inspiring. Does SD have a set number of samples that I can nudge newly introduced tracks back in the time to achieve honest sync with the original?


Also, do I double my latency if I'm sending a track to an aux with SD and then again to out 1-2 with the lin phase eq?


Aargh! Also, if there's a definitive guide to latency and managing it, I'd love to know where to find it. I've read what the manual says, but it's only gotten me here. Likely because I'm dense.


Thanks in advance if you can help!!!!

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