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8+ track projects and outputting file/playback ideas needed

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I am working on various projects for sound art installations and being relatively new with Logic Pro this is proving trickier than I had planned.


I am planning on doing some projects that use anywhere between 4 all the way up to 16 tracks( I may have the terminology confused but these are NOT channels(which I have anywhere between 20 to 50)), all of them independent from each other yet running at the same time.


Can anyone recommend file format options because I feel stuck within the surround sound options(5.1 6.1, etc; which would be fine if I weren't planning to go over 8 channels)?


Would it be advisable to bounce each track sets by pair (1-2,3-4,etc)?

This may allow the most flexibility down the road for playback but regarding playback multi-track files what are viable options ?


To put this into context, these are sound art installations that are to be run independently(auto-startup and launch scripts), on a computer on which Logic cannot be installed (licensing issues etc); so something "free" or budget for playback is another recommendation I am seeking for "surround" as well as the 8+ tracks files.



Work setup:

Logic Pro 8

MBP 2.2g C2D

M-Audio 410(8 track output)x2


Installation setup(environnement is relatively the same):

Powermac G4, or pc if necessary

M-Audio 410 cards

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