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fade in fade outs Logic


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Thank you but that is what i think i am doing? I am reading something about : Not sure if this matters or where it is to change it?


Changing the Fade Type

If you click the Fade Type menu (the up/down arrow beside the Fade parameter in the

Inspector), you’ll see four options:

 Out (default): Creates a standard fade out whenever the Fade tool or Fade parameter

is used.

 X: Crossfades the selected region with the following region when you use the Fade

tool or Fade parameter.

 EqP: Results in an Equal Power crossfade. This minimizes volume dips between audio

regions, resulting in a more even crossfade between regions that may be slightly

different in level.

 X S: Delivers an S-curve crossfade. The fade curve, as the name suggests, is S shaped.

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