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CPU high when Logic is "idle"?


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Is it normal that Logic is using high levels of CPU even when a track is not playing?


I've got a few heavy plugs in this session, Kore 2 (multilayered sounds), Stylus RMX, 5 or 6 Space Designers, Delay Designers etc, plus a bunch of 24 bit audio files. No limiters or mastering plugs though.


Just a moment ago, I'd been working for about half an hour, CPU on the limit, but not causing audible glitching. All off a sudden the sound completely broke down and when I try to restart the track again, its (technically speaking) constantly buggered.


Checking the Activity Monitor I see high CPU usage even though nothing is running in Logic.


Is this to do with the big plugs or just a crash?


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One thought... Are you running Kontakt with it's Memory Server enabled and is that plugin in use in your project?


Other thought... Another plugin is draining resources so... Make a note of what plugins are in use in the track currently selected in Logic... Then create a blank Audio track in Logic and make sure that track is selected/record enabled and then see if your Logic CPU usage drops in the Activity Monitor... If it does, then whatever plugins were in the original track selected.. is/are the the ones draining resources...

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Selecting instrument tracks are live in that they have to be ready to respond to incoming MIDI all the time.


So, if you have an instrument track selected, the instrument plugins is consuming CPU, as are any plugin on that channel. Further to that, if you are sending audio through to buss, all those plugins must be active as well, and the same is true for the master output bus.


The same thing happens for any audio tracks with monitoring on or in record mode.


As you can see, just because Logic is stopped doesn't mean you're not asking it to process a lot of audio...

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