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How to adjust stereo spread/pan stereo signals in Logic?


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It is my understanding that Logics pan pods do not position whole stereo signals, but instead adjust the balance between the signals (e.g. panning all the way left = only hearing the left mic & vice versa). This of course means the sound changes as you pan, because you are adjusting volumes of the mics, and not really panning the signal. Luckily Logic has the Direction Mixer, which allows you to pan the entire signal L & R.


The Direction mixer also has a wonderful "spread" option which allows you to collapse the stereo field of the sound, with 0 being mono. However, as you collapse the stereo spread, the direction panner looses its effect eventually leading to mono sounds that are stuck in the middle of the stereo field.


So how do you pan stereo files in Logic when you want to collapse the stereo spread, but keep both the L & R mics balanced? VSL released a "Power Panner" plugin for this very application, but before I spend money I dont have on their entire suite to get this single plugin, I want to make sure the same results cant be achieved with tools I already own. It seems odd that Logic wouldn't be able to achieve these results!


Thanks in advance for your help,


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