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Auto Rest and Scores


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I was reading the Logic-Pro Manual trying to figure out how to creat a blank score with out playing the keyboard first and then editing it in score view. And is there a way to totally shut off the automatic rest function in score view.


I want to enter an entire music score from sheet music the way the artist had intendid. and the automatic rest keep changing the values of the notes as I enter them. I have never had this kind of problems with other music software. Maybe I missed somthing in the manual. In fact it would be great to just scan the sheet music and have Logice pro play it. Thanks for your help..

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I still don't see in the score editor where to make this selection. The version of Logic I am using is Pro 8, In fact I have a piano staff created in 4/4 time it has a whole rest in it now but I am unable to select it with the pointer tool. I am very young in the Logic world. everything I have used in the past was windows based.
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