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Export movie...mp3


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Is it possible to export movie as an audio track and export the audio as an mp3. Or somehow turn the audio to mp3 from another program?


I have been doing work with my roommate who has been doing recordings on the street with his buddy. They are using a simple lav mic taped to his chest to record dialogue and sync it up later...That is where I come in.


They gave me the video and mp3 off of his portable recorder so I can sync it up and make the dialogue more audible. Simple gig. However, he will be putting them up on his website, and wav files are too big. They are going to go to a video guy next. If I can't get mp3 audio with the video, I will bounce the video guy the mp3 tracks and send them along with it, and instructions to replace the wav files.


It would be much better if I could do it so he doesn't have to. Any way to do this?

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Thanks for your reply David, but I know how to export it.


I should clarify, I want it as mp3 and Logic doesn't seem to support mp3 in the export movie to audio track function. Thus I end up with 16 bit wav audio. And I am not familiar enough with the other file types to know which is comparable to mp3.

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I'm still not clear on what you want to do next? Export the audio file by itself as an mp3? Then you can simply convert your wav file into an mp3. In the Bin, Audio File > Copy/Convert File.


I want to export the movie with mp3 quality audio. Or if there is an equivalent export setting just to shrink down the audio.


Right now my options are as shown in the picture. No options for mp3 or something comparable.


I only want to do this just to reduce the file size.


Thanks for the help


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