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apple loops stopped auto-playing


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im probably just being nimrodic, but i didnt change anything (to my knowledge) and now my apple loops in the loop browser wont auto play! if i click "play" and quickly switch loops, they auto play, but if a loop finishes playing, ill have to click "play" again. a minor issue really, but one i'd love to resolve!
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I was also under the impression that it used to auto-play before in the past, though could be wrong. I remember a while back while I was browsing loops I noticed that the loops didn't auto-play as I selected them, and could have sworn that they had done so in the past. I figured I must have messed up a setting somewhere, but maybe not. When I used to use Cubase I recall it worked that way as well when browsing loops and audio files.


What I do now is keep my other hand on the spacebar and after selecting a loop, immediately press space to start the loop playing. If I'm auditioning loops in order, I just use the arrow key to go down the list... if the loop hasn't finished playing when I move to the next one it starts the next automatically, and if not then I tap the spacebar. So long as the loop browser still has focus you can also tap spacebar to stop the loop as well.


Hope this helps.

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