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How to change mono (left) to Stereo (Left and Right) ?


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I recently made the mistake of recording something using another recording program and accidentally recorded them in mono (Left channel only).


I am now trying to figure out how to make it so that the voice over now comes not only out of the left speaker, but through the right also (ie in stereo).


Is there a way which I can do this in Logic? I have looked everywhere and can find nothing.



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The voice coming out of two speakers has nothing to do with mono or stereo, you just need to make sure it is outputting to both speakers and you'll hear it out of both speakers. But you won't hear it in stereo, you'll hear it through both speakers in mono.


You won't be able to make a mono recording be stereo, is the short answer. There is no way to add information that wasn't put there in the first place. That being said:


There is a plug in with Logic that will simulate a stereo spread, under "Imaging" you'll find "Stereo Spread". This may give you some happiness.

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