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Logic and RealStrat AU Problem


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:46 pm Post subject: Newbie User Question ..... Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post



Mac OSX 10.5.4

Logic Studio 8.0.2

Upgraded to current version of RealStrat 1.1 xx

M-Audio Pro 88

Mackie Control Universal



Just purchased RealStrat retail at Guitar Center, installed, upgraded and activated . I am using RealStrat as an AU plugin in Logic Studio


1) I create a new instrument track in Logic- instantiate the RealStrat plug-in. I can navigate the interface and see notes being "played" as I hit my keyboard. I can even record MIDI notes on the Logic sequencer via RealStrat. The problem" I cannot hear any sound OUTPUT of the RealStrat software plug-in. Any ideas? I have re-set the the AUDIO preference in Logic--appears to work fine..... I try other software instruments in Logic ..they work fine (i.e.I can hear them , see them, and record them) ....it just seems to be RealStrat

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Did the Realstrat Bank Manager run OK during installation and did you chose the correct sample rate? (see page 6 of the manual).


Can't really help otherwise, as I've recently brought RealStrat and it's working fine as an AU instrument. You could try MusicLab technical support - I've found them to be very responsive.



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