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VST showing up in Audio Units Manager but not Channel strip


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So I've got a bunch of virtual instruments (Audiorealism Basslines, Novation BassStation, B4 II, etc), and Logic Pro 8. I go into the program and check the Audio Units Manager under preferences, and I see all my VST's in there, and it says they are all validated. But when I go to use them, they are not in the library list or the channel strip list. What gives?
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Your post doesn't make sense unless you give us a little more info. If you only installed VST versions of these plugs, they wouldn't show up in the AU manager unless represented by some shell application. Logic does not natively support VST.


If you have installed the AU versions of these instruments, then they should appear as selection on the instrument track input slot.

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I can't find the audio realism programs anywhere on my computer but they show up in the AU manager. So I suppose your saying those wont run in logic. However, B4 II does run independently and is recognized in the AU manager, but doesn't show up in the channel strip. A friend of mine told me NI programs are a little loopy in leopard, could that be why? B4 II always works fine on its own.
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