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Increasing Audio Region Length - Newbie Question


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kinda new to logic... moving from DP, which has really nice audio region handling... got a quick question... I have an audio region that is about 3 beats long, and I would like to make it exactly 4 beats long so that I can loop it... what's the easiest way?


in DP I would simply add another full bar MUTED audio region underneath the original 3 bar region and simply glue them together creating a full loopable 1 bar segment.. I've tried the same thing in logic, it's just that the muted region always starts after the initial region causing the first region to cut off... and there are no layering options in logic (move to front, move to back etc...)


any simple way to do this?

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Hey Rush,


Try this for a solution,


If all you want to do is add on one bar of silence after the third bar,

select the 'cycle locators' to bar 4 and hit record.

Make sure you only record a bar ,then select your merge tool and merge the 2 regions to make it 4 bars.

All is left to do is loop it.


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