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"Samples Missing" in Logic files with Kontakt 3


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Hello to all--


I am suddenly unable to load certain files created in Logic Pro 8 using instances of Kontakt 3 (the samples are on an external hard drive; they are EastWest Gold Symphonic samples, by the way). I am getting the "samples missing" dialogue in K3, although the hard drive is working just fine, and other Logic files with K3 instances open without any problem. Plus, I am able to create new files with Logic and K3 that work fine also. That's the really strange part, that the situation is so inconsistent.


I looked to see if anything had been set in preferences (either Logic or K3) for the files in question, but nothing is jumping out at me. I am, however, a relative newbie, and there may be something really obvious that I'm missing.


Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!





PS Sorry to be repetitive if you've read this already; I'm also submitting the same issue to a couple other forums.

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Ohhh, man, do I feel stupid! I forgot that I had renamed a folder on the aux drive, for "convenience." Yeah, right. Thanks to David for his help on the NI Kontakt forum




hey J, Im struggling with this same issue. Can you tell me where Im supposed put and name the folders. Its currently set like this:


Hard drive/Samples/Kontakt 3 library/EastWest Gold Orchestra


every time I load a instrument (cellos) its says missing files. But when I click "search data base" it finds them and loads. rrrrrrr So how do we prevent this?


Also are we able to convert these to exs24 files using cdxtract. That would be sweat.

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