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Sony FX library files won't load into logic

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i purchased a volume of sony sound effects, and the files will not load into logic! in fact, they won't open with quicktime or itunes, only VLC. they are .wav files and VLC says the codec is "araw". should these be loading into logic or do i have to convert them to something else first?



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hehe they are .wav, i said it in the original post. thanks for the help tho... i mean shouldn't logic be able to read the wave files?
sorry mis read the post


load them in a program that does work with them, and check the bit-depth - if it's 8bit or 32bit you'll need to convert to 16bit or 24bit

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sweet thanks, it worked. well it kind of worked cause QT wasn't actually reading those .wav files still, but i converted them into .asf from VLC and QT was able to open that and make it into an aif. VLC can read any damn thing but for some reason it can't export to anything that logic can read
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